Sensational Chicken / NZ Kebabs – Browns Bay

Fried Chicken & Kebabs

3 reviews

  1. Best Kebab in Browns Bay

    I had a large mixed kebab for lunch. Really delicious. Very friendly staff. Definitely coming back.

  2. Good taste

    I heard good things about Sensational chicken and am glad I tried them. Great food, great service. Nice one

  3. Can’t rate the food as I didn’t even bother ordering. Customer service was non existent. Went to order dinner at 7:30 on a Wednesday night. There wasn’t one other customer and 3 staff working. One was having his dinner and the other 2 were talking to him. I stood at the counter for about 2 minutes. They all saw me but not even an acknowledgment and I wasn’t going to beg so took my business to the kebab place across the road.

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