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  1. Untrained, unprofessional and full of lies staff member.

    Be careful when you make reservations. 30/01/2023 we made reservations for 4 people for 7pm. We were attended around 7.10pm. As soon as we settled down at the table, a guy comes up and tells us we cant sit there because it is reserved. He said we can sit anywhere but not there and have to be quick as the kitchen will close at 7.30pm and we have to place order quickly. My daughter asked so which table did you book for us and he was blank and looking at us like an idiot not knowing what he was talking about. Then he said the two tables were already booked and one is already occupied. My daughter asked him again so which table is ours and he goes that they only reserve tables for 8 people or more but at the other reserved table were only a couple so was he making us fool or he himself a fool with idiotic behaviour. He started to blame his staff saying he is new and does not know the rule. Why employ people who are not trained or don’t know the company rules? This guy I know does not know his job himself and putting blame on his staff to save his ass. If kitchen closes at 7.30 why would they take reservation for 7pm and it took them 10 mins to settle us at the table then telling us to move to other table. It was almost 7.18pm with all these drama from this guy. We felt so embarrassed in front of other diners as they were all looking and also I took a visitor with me. We told this guy he does not know customer service and stop blaming others for his own behaviour and left the restaurant. We placed order at another restaurant and made a visit to the Papparich again after 20mins. That table was still empty and no one would have come as the kitchen was already closed by then an the restaurant itself yesterday closed at 8pm. Papparich Sylvia Park employ liars who don’t have the knowledge of any customer service. Whoever is in the management should closely look into these matter in improving their staff performance. This guy should be on performance management and be taught how to handle customers. I would never go in there again as there are so many much better restaurants around. My rating is 0 for Papparich Sylvia Park.😡👎👎👎👎

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