Mutiara Restaurant

You haven't tried Malaysian food until you try Mutiara Restaurant!

Malaysia’s cuisine is an exciting blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian & Nonya Cooking. Drawing on their multi-ethnic heritage, Malaysian cooks have developed unique variation on Asian favourites such as Malay satay, Chinese fried noodles and Indian curry puffs. But that’s only the beginning. You’ll also find unusual creation and savory butter Prawns- a dish that cleverly blends spices and seasoning from all of Malaysia’s major ethnic groups.

Note: All meat used at this restaurant is purchased from Halal meat supplier. However, this restaurant uses Sherry to prepare  3 of their dishes from their menu. Please be mindful of this and ensure to avoid such dishes when dining at this restaurant.


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Ponsonby Road 66
Auckland 1011 Auckland NZ
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