Mix Moon

Best of Thai, Vietnamese & Chinese Cuisines

Mix Moon is a fine cuisine for a unique southeast Asian fusion taste experience. A great spot for fine dine-in and relaxing evening.  Located in the heart of New Lynn, the menu is a delicious blend of Southeastern flavours that will enchant your taste buds and leave you elated.
Southeast Asian cuisine is a glorious blend of red seething curries that evoke memories of exotic India and Thailand and cool green vegetables that hint at the mysterious heart of the equatorial rain forests.
Note: All red meat are supplied by Greenlea  and all poultry are supplied The Fresh Chicken Company which carries Brinks chicken. We urge all customers to always ask for verification if in doubt.  Selected desserts are not suitable for halal consumption – please refrain from buying desserts. To report any discrepancies or issues with halal verification – please click here.

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