Luna Cafe & Eatery

Authentic taste of Vietnam in the heart of Auckland city

A traditional and authentic taste of Vietnam available in the heart of Auckland city.

Luna Cafe and Eatery is the perfect lunchtime spot for the inner-city set. With fresh ingredients, a friendly atmosphere and food that will suit any proclivity and save you from having to suffer through a  slump, it’s setting itself up as the ultimate antidote to office hours and is, without a doubt, some of the freshest Vietnamese we’ve ever tried.

Note: This restaurant is co-owned by a Muslim. All  meat and food ingredients are strictly halal based. The business is currently in the process of getting certified by FIANZ.


2 reviews


    I never tried Vietnamese! It’s delectable. Nice to have halal certified Vietnamese in town. Thoroughly enjoyed the Banh Mi – move away Subway

  2. Nice

    Food is goooood. Wish they had more stores other than the one in CBD.

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