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Delicious Kebabs Made from Fresh Healthy Ingredients

Kebabs On Queen believes in delicious authentic flavours, stemming from secret family recipes and made fresh to order. Just like home made – only better. Each meal is a perfectly balanced portion of proteins, vegetables and grains, with yours and your family’s health in mind. Our meals are easily customised to your liking and easily adaptable to even the fussiest eaters. Try one of our delicious kebabs today!

The past sixteen years and literally millions of customer visits, our customers have enjoyed the taste sensation that is Kebabs on Queen. Made from fresh healthy ingredients Kebabs on Queen offers customers a great tasting, value for money fast food alternative.

From our first Queen Street store, we had a clear vision of how we wanted our store to look and feel. We wanted to give customers an authentic kebab that was made in the traditional way using our traditional recipes. We wanted to combine great food with fast and friendly service. We wanted to include the customer in the Kebabs on Queen experience by giving them a choice of salad and sauce options and allowing them to see their kebab being freshly prepared from scratch.


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  1. No cheese

    So I order a Large Mixed snack pack which consists of chicken,Lamb, cheese & 3 sauces and i added a drink for $3.50. When I received my order there was no drink and I was told I wasn’t charged either. Well next time listen to what I order than we won’t have a problem and I have to pay again. I sit down to dig in and for some reason my meal didn’t taste right, so when I had a closer look at my dish I couldn’t see any cheese. I go back to the counter to ask the chap that served me to have a look if there was cheese, he than tells me they ran out of cheese earlier in the day. So I said, you charged me the same price for my meal knowing there was no cheese? He looked dumbfounded, I told him you can’t sell me something knowing there is no cheese, than had the cheek to say the cheese only cost a $1.00. Mate you missed the point, the dish didn’t taste the same and had you told me there was no cheese I would have ordered something else or gone to KFC. He also didn’t look interested in what I was saying to him, so after today I won’t be interested in buying anything to eat from your establishment.

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