Grill and Shakes

Awesome Grills, Burgers, Skewers & Gourmet Milkshake

Charcoal chicken, topped flatbread, flatbread sandwiches, flame grilled skewers, funky burgers, gourmet milkshake, organic sodas, desserts.

Be spoilt for choice – choose from 69 Milkshake flavours!

Topped Flatbreads: If you’ve never heard of or tasted flatbread, allow us to enlighten you. Flatbreads are a lot like pizza — loaded with the best in toppings — just a lot thinner. If you think thin-crust pizza is the only way to go, just wait till you try our flatbreads. You’re going to fall in love. Our topped flatbreads are a little lighter than pizza (since they’re thinner). People opt for them as a healthy alternative to pizza. But what we love about flatbread is that we can eat more of it than we can pizza — because less dough means it’s less filling and more room for our amazing toppings.

6 reviews

  1. Lots of Varieties

    Love their variety of chocolate bar shakes. Their burgers and fries are delicious. Consistent quality. Visit once a month and they often have new and interesting shakes to try. I recommend to everyone that loves a good shake or burger to go here. My only negative is the decor and tables… They could “shake” things up here ?

  2. Amazing Food - Amazing Shakes

    Amazing food, amazing shakes. Would recommend. They also deliver through DeliverEasy, quick and still hot when it gets there 🙂

  3. Best Lamb Burger

    You just gotta try the lamb burger! Best I’ve ever had!

  4. Amazing

    Yummy Shakes! 69 Flavours! How cool huh? Best to check this place out. You won’t regret it.

  5. Best Burgers Ever!

    Best Burgers EVER!

  6. Amazing Milshakes! Best Burgers EVER!

    Amazing Milshakes! Best Burgers EVER!

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