Chuck ‘N’ Chicken Abrakebabra

Fried, Grill or Original & Spicy Chicken


5 reviews

  1. Great Fried Chicken

    Chicken was good – the place is like a “halal kfc”. I would recommend if you are looking for a quick bite. Everything in store is halal and they don’t have pork on the menu at all.

  2. FIANZ Certified

    Chuck N Chicken is certified halal by FIANZ.

  3. Exceptional

    I love their food – it tastes great and I recommend to everyone to try this.

  4. The grilled chicken was terrible. It wasn’t grilled at all but took 30mins to arrive. The sauce was poured over the chicken which looked very disgusting and unappealing. Please serve the sauce separately!

  5. Halal

    So halal most halal

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200J Mount Wellington Highway, Auckland
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