Bali Nights

Balinese Street Food


Located within the lush tropical jungles of Ponsonby, we’re bringing you a bit of Bali to Auckland. Serving authentic Indonesian roadside delicacies with a bit of a Balinese twist, this is the food we grew up with and know too well. We crave it when we’re away, we can’t have enough when we’re there. We eat Nasi Goreng by the poolside, grilled seafood by the beach, and Nasi Campur in the markets. And the Sambal? Yo, Indonesian Sambal is no joke. Free-flowing all day everyday.

This business is owned and operated by Muslims. All meat and ingredients are halal compliant. They source Brinks chicken. They DO NOT SELL alcohol in-store but allow customers to bring their own if they wish.

2 reviews

  1. Just tried their food! It was amazing with such a nice ambience and vibe. Sambal was something new to try. My new halal place to go!

  2. Cool decor and great food

    Never tried Indonesian before and what a discovery. Good awesome food

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