McDonald’s New Ad Celebrates Ramzan In Its True Spirit & People Are Lovin’ It

Get some tissues. You'll need them while you watch this new ad by McDonald's.

Get some tissues. You’ll need them while you watch this new ad by McDonald’s.

The advertisement put up by McDonald’s Singapore for the month of Ramzan has gone viral for all the right reasons.

It depicts a McDelivery employee and his struggles at work when he is fasting in the religious month of Ramzan, and it’s filled with small but beautiful moments.

Like the moment when the lift is out of order and he takes the stairs to complete a delivery.

Or when he helps the other person moving his car.

And finally in the end when a customer realizes that it’s past 7 PM and he asks the delivery boy to break his fast.

The video, shared on McDonald’s Facebook page received 2800 likes and numerous comments praising the heartwarming video.

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