7 Reasons Why We Should All Celebrate Hijab Everyday

7 Reasons Why We Should All Celebrate Hijab

On February 1st – it was World Hijab Day! World Hijab Day empowers women who are sometimes viewed as out of this world. “Why would you want to wear that?” is a question hijabis hear more than often.

This day acknowledges the lifestyle millions of women worldwide chose for. New York resident Nazma Khan came up with World Hijab Day to invite others to walk in the shoes of hijabis for one day.

This way, she wanted to foster religious tolerance and understanding from both non-hijabi Muslims as non-Muslims.

Here are 7 reasons why we should all celebrate this everyday.

  1. Hijabis rock their headscarves all year – They deserve this moment to shine.
  2. Compliments, compliments everywhere! – “I really do pull off this scarf, don’t I?”

 3. Hijabis support each other in their struggles every day – And yes, there are many.

  1. Bad hijab days? Not today! – “I said NOT TODAY!”

5. You don’t have any hijabi friends? Here’s the perfect moment to make some.

6. And to get to know some of the great hijabi role models out there – Ibtihaj Muhammad, Dahlia Mogahed, Linda Sarsour and many more.

7. But most of all: it’s a recognition for millions of Muslim women worldwide!

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